Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Conservatives promise Whitehaven Relief Road.

Conservatives promise Whitehaven relief road

Chancellor Sajid Javid and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps were in Cumbria today to launch the Conservative party's North West manifesto.

Speaking in Cleator Moor this afternoon, they promised a Conservative majority government will proceed with the scheme which had massive local support in a recent public consultation.

The announcement was warmly welcomed by the audience.

Sajid Javid and Grant Shapps also promised to proceed with other proposals to unlock the potential of the North West, including making the transpennine A66 route a dual carriageway, providing better trains on local rail services, and reviewing the possibility of reactivating the rail line to Silloth as part of a programme of reversing the Beeching-era cuts to the rail network.


Jim said...

Rather than the transpennine part, as in east of Penrith, would like to see the A66 dueled from Penrith West. meeting up with the new dual Whitehaven relief road and going on wards as a dual carridgeway to Barrow.

Anonymous said...

Jim there's nothing west of Penrith worth wasting money on

Chris Whiteside said...

I would like to see the A66 West of Penrith also made a dual carriageway, and I have fed back that aspiration.

One step at a time, the first thing is to get the A595 improved.

And yes, the quality of life of the people who live in West Cumbria is certainly worth spending money improving, and it will not be wasted.

Anonymous said...

A dual carriageway through a National Park, so much for your environmental credentials

Chris Whiteside said...

Presume you are talking about the comment above about the A66 since the proposed Whitehaven relief road is not in the National park.

The idea of a National Park is not supposed to be about trying to freeze everything in aspic and not providing necessary infrastructure.

Upgrading an existing road to dual carriageway will not compromise the objectives of the national park.