Saturday, November 23, 2019

Out Campaigning today

Copeland Conservatives have been out campaigning today in various parts of the constituency including Cleator Moor and Frizington.

There will not be any "no-go" areas and we are trying to get round as much of this huge constituency as possible.

Generally friendly reception, and we appear to be getting a fair bit of support, at least for this election, from people who are not naturally Conservative supporters. But we are not taking anything for granted - still everything to play for and no room for complacency.

One doorstep brought back recollections of an amusing incident in Cleator Moor during the 2017 by-election. Trudy and the team were approaching a house I recognised, with a couple of dogs barking at us from the window, and I said 

"Oh, yes, that's the dog who pulled my folder through the letterbox."

This had happened back in the 2017 by-election in which Trudy Harrison was first elected MP for Copeland. Hearing the noise of barking, I had used my folder to push a calling card through the letterbox to avoid exposing my fingers to the risk of getting bitten. Unfortunately the dog grabbed the folder, gave a tremendous heave and pulled it inside.

I came back a couple of hours later, to be met at the door by the homeowner with my folder in his hand and a big grin on his face. We took one look at each other and both fell about laughing. 

Back to today; I had scarcely started to mention this to the team when the homeowner appeared at the window, recognised me, and pointed to his dog with a smile. We exchanged a thumbs-up sign. 

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