Thursday, November 28, 2019

Making poor mobile signal a thing of the past

We set out this week how Conservatives will make poor mobile phone signal a thing of the past, ensuring no community is held back because of poor digital infrastructure.

  • Currently only 66 per cent of the UK landmass has geographic coverage for customers of all four network operators. This will rise to 95 per cent or more under our plan.
  • In our first 100 days, we will finalise a £1 billion agreement with mobile phone operators to pool existing phone masts, and build new ones, bringing dramatically improved mobile service to the countryside.
  • This builds on a raft of commitments by this Conservative Government to ensure that rural areas are not left behind, including £5 billion to accelerate the rollout of the highest-speed internet across the country – eradicating the digital divide, boosting regional economic growth and improving productivity.

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