Saturday, November 30, 2019

Quotes of the day 30th November 2019

Responses to the London Bridge terror attack:

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said she wanted "to thank the members of the public who have helped, either by showing extraordinary courage by stepping in to tackle this attacker". 

"Speechless. Members of the public with nothing but a narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher tackle a murderous terrorist. Heroism, pure and simple." 

(Matthew Thompson on Twitter)

One member of the public ‘ran to the attacker and stamped on his wrist to make him drop the knife he was clutching. ‘Thomas Gray, 24, said he was “just a Londoner doing his bit” and went to the pub for a pint afterwards “to shake it off”’ 

(Henry Jones on twitter, quoting the Times)

"It only gets more British: "Thomas Gray, who was driving his classic mini over London Bridge at the time of the attack, said "One thought was going through my mind - stop the dude. I’ve played rugby for most my life and the rule on and off the pitch is ‘one in, all in’."" (Tim Stanley on twitter.)

"The handling of the lock down inside the cathedral by the clergy and stewards was astonishingly good. Obviously they must have an established protocol but even so top notch."
(David Morton, a Whitehaven resident who was visiting Southwark Cathedral at the time of the attack, on Twitter)

Mr Johnson praised emergency services and said members of the public "who physically intervened to protect the lives of others" showed "extraordinary bravery". "For me they represent the very best of our country and I thank them on behalf of all of our country," he says

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