Monday, November 09, 2020

A challenge for the future

Today the government announced over £7 million of funding for projects across the country, to use the latest and most cutting-edge aviation technologies to step up our response to the coronavirus pandemic, helping Britain build back better.

  • The UK businesses’ response to coronavirus has demonstrated the very best of British ingenuity, and it is this resourcefulness that will help us navigate our way through this pandemic.
  • These projects receiving funds include the use of drones and aviation technologies to solve major global challenges, including coronavirus pandemic and climate change, while creating new jobs across the UK. This funding comes from the £33.5 million Future Flight Challenge fund which will increase mobility, reduce reliance on road travel thereby improving road congestion, and increase UK manufacturing opportunities.
  • Today’s investment will ensure that Britain cements our well-earned reputation for research and development excellence, while creating hundreds of new jobs as we built back better.

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