Wednesday, May 05, 2021

British trade with India

Yesterday the Prime Minister agreed with the Indian Prime Minister an ambitious 2030 Roadmap that will strengthen the work between our two countries over the next decade - bringing our nations, economies and people closer together.

  • Our friendship with India, bound by shared values and a commitment to the Commonwealth, will only grow stronger as we tackle the world’s biggest challenges together and make life better for our people.
  • That is why we agreed an ambitious 2030 Roadmap  with India that will strengthen ties between our two countries, including commitments to:

    • Expand our health partnership to improve the supply chains of critical medicines and vaccines.
    • Work together to achieve ambitious goals in tackling climate change and preserving nature.
    • Deepen our economic relationship through an Enhanced Trade Partnership.
    • Increase academic cooperation in crucial research areas like health and climate science.
    • Work in lockstep to tackle threats to our shared security in all their forms.
    • Help us to attract the best and the brightest through our landmark Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement
  • These historic agreements mark the beginning of a new era in our relationship with India, while delivering new jobs, opportunities and prosperity for the people of our two countries over the next decade as we look to a future beyond the pandemic. 

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