Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Good luck to all Conservative candidates standing for election tomorrow

Good luck to all Conservatives standing tomorrow in the largest ever set of elections other than a general election - for the Scottish and Welsh devolved bodies, mayors, councils, and police and Crime commissioners.

Last night in our final election broadcast, the Prime Minister reminded the British people why they should vote Conservative tomorrow.

  • Today has been the final day of campaigning ahead of a crucial set of elections across our country tomorrow - and every vote is important. 
  • The choice at these elections is clear: Conservatives, who are focused on the people’s priorities, or Labour and the opposition parties, who are more interested in playing political games because they have nothing to offer the British people.
  • Having been in power for eleven years the Conservatives would expect to find these elections difficult, so every vote counts.
  • We are fighting for every vote - so we can continue to get on with the job of delivering for the British people as we build back better from the pandemic.

With just one day to go until the 2021 elections, the choice for the British people is clear:

  • Conservatives who are focused on the people’s priorities, delivering better services and lower council taxConservative councils provide better services and charge on average £93 less than Labour councils in 2021-22 for a Band D home, and £120 less than Liberal Democrat run councils. 
  • Conservative councils who fix potholes more quickly than Labour councils. On average, Labour councils that responded to a recent survey revealed they took an average of 28 days to repair potholes reported to them. In Conservative council areas, it took six days less on average.
  • Conservative councils which recycle twice as much as Labour councils. Conservative-run councils reused, recycled, or composted 111,841 tonnes of household waste in 2019, whereas Labour-run councils reused, recycled, or composted 55,525 tonnes – half as much.
  • Conservative councils which are more efficient, helping to keep bills low. The overall council tax collection rate for Labour councils in England is 95.7 per cent on average, whereas for Conservative councils it is 97.7 per cent. As a result, Labour councils have accumulated arrears of £194 per household – more than double the £97 per household owed to Conservative councils – making council tax increases in Labour areas more likely.
  • OR Labour councils, who don’t share people’s priorities, charge more council tax and are more focused on playing political gamesLabour councils prioritise pulling down memorials and rebadging streets, than delivering good local services. 

And across the country:

  • Conservative mayors are creating thriving local economies by attracting investment, improving transport links and creating good-quality jobs. While Conservative mayors like Ben Houchen and Andy Street are levelling up their regions with huge increases in investment, better jobs and more local homes, Labour mayors leave their communities paying the cost of their financial incompetence and mismanagement.
  • It is only by electing Shaun Bailey as Mayor and getting more Conservatives into the Assembly that London can get the fresh start it deserves. After five years of failed promises under Sadiq Khan - with spiralling crime rates, a lack of affordable homes and increased council tax - we can help our capital thrive once again as we build back better.  
  • Only Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners can be trusted to keep our communities and streets safe. While we are backing our police, Labour voted against measures to get knives off our streets and ensure dangerous criminals spend more time behind bars. Labour PCCs are also less likely to be rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ on measures of effectiveness than Conservative PCCs.

And it is only the Conservatives who will stand up for the Union, and help to build a better, stronger and more united Britain as we build back better from the pandemic.

  • In Scotland, the only way to stop an SNP majority, say no to another divisive referendum, and get the Scottish Parliament 100 per cent focused on rebuilding Scotland from coronavirus, is to vote Scottish Conservative & Unionist on your peach party-list ballot.  
  • And in Wales, after 22 years of Labour-led governments, only the Welsh Conservatives will deliver the recovery plan needed to create the jobs, hospitals and first class schools that the people of Wales deserve.

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