Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Quote of the day 5th May 2021

"Johnson’s shtick will wear thin eventually, and that will be an opportunity for Labour. But lost voters will not snap out of a trance, wonder by what witchcraft they were seduced into being Tories, and pick up their old ancestral allegiance.

"In over a decade of opposition, Labour has offered many policies that it thinks voters should like, buttressed with solid reasons to reject the Tories. It hasn’t worked. One thing no leader has attempted is a candid, humble explanation for why the party keeps losing, complete with a credible display of understanding why voters switched sides. It doesn’t come easily. 

"The left is conditioned to doubt that any decent human being could be a Tory. That is the barrier to empathy across which no minds are changed. The alternative is to keep running the same old campaign against the same old Tories, and to keep on losing because Britain doesn’t have the same old politics, or the same old voters."

(Rafael Behr, extract from an article "Labour keeps pushing the ‘same old Tories’ line – but voters have moved on," which you can read in full here.)


Jim said...

Its no secret that I am not the biggest fan of the current administration. The problem is there is no serious opposition. Labours current support are determined to make everything about race and gender, most brits think its daft. Sure racism and sexism are bad, but its not the motive of every single desision ever made.

The radical far left of Corbyn just did not work with us, sure it wins some support in london and in some universitys (where only the left are allowed a platform) but in general its alien to us. I mean everyone likes free stuff, its just no one wants to pay higher taxes to get it. For all his faults Gordon Brown (wow once he whom shall not be named)well if he understood one thing that was it. Supercharge the economy on the credit card, stealth taxes that people wont notice till much later. THing is those tricks dont work more than once in a lifetime, its its one of the main reasons we are where we are now.
Labour hate the british people, they hate our general sense of fairness (very different to the lefty sense of fair). The UK is not a socialist country, the idea of welfare serfs needs to be left in the last century really.

there is room for an oposition party, its just none are up to it. The Torys are not a force for good either, its just we are really scraping the barrel now and they are the least worst, just.

Change it seems will have to come from the people.

Anonymous said...

That fire will start before the year's out