Thursday, May 06, 2021


 Across the country, the choice for the British people is clear: 

  • Conservative candidates who are focused on the people’s priorities – or Labour candidates, who are more interested in playing political games because they have nothing to offer the British people.
  • We expect these elections to be difficult for the Conservatives, as they would normally be for any governing party after 11 years in office.

In the council elections:

  • Conservative councils up and down the country have a proven record of keeping council tax low and delivering better local services.
  • Labour councils spend longer trying to score political points than focusing on making sure your bins are emptied, or potholes are filled.

In the mayoral elections:

  • Conservative mayors in the West Midlands, Tees Valley, West of England, and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have championed their areas and secured vital new investment to support local jobs.
  • Labour mayors have failed to deliver the change that matters – with projects delayed and money wasted – they spend more time on their own PR and the sorts of political arguments people want to move on from.

In the Hartlepool by-election:

  • Our fantastic candidate Jill Mortimer will secure real change for Hartlepool by working with the Conservative Government to get things done.
  • Labour have held the constituency since it was first created in 1974 - it is why the town has been taken for granted and struggled.

In the Police and Crime Commissioner elections:

  • Conservative PCCs are working with the Government to get more police on the street as part of our pledge to recruit 20,000 more officers, and are giving them the powers and the tools they need to cut crime.
  • Labour are weak on crime, voting against laws that will give our police extra support and powers, and tougher sentences to the worst offenders.

In the Scottish Parliament election:

  • The Scottish Conservatives are the only party who can stop an SNP majority and get the Scottish Parliament 100 per cent focused on rebuilding Scotland – but only if people vote Scottish Conservative & Unionist on their peach party list ballot today.
  • The SNP are prioritising a divisive second independence referendum over Scotland’s recovery – and Labour and the other opposition parties are too weak to stand up to them.

In the Senedd election:

  • The Welsh Conservatives will deliver a recovery plan for Wales that will create 65,000 jobsdeliver the biggest infrastructure programme in a generation, and put more money into schools.
  • Labour have been in power for 22 years in Wales – their record shows they cannot be trusted to rebuild the economy and put Wales on the right path for the future.

Across the country, vote Conservative today so we can keep delivering on the people's priorities as we build back better. 

In Copeland I voted (by post last week) to re-elect Peter McCall as Police and Crime Commissioner and have been campaigning for Bill Dixon for the Whitehaven Central by-election.

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