Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Fair representation in boardrooms

The government has welcomed news that nearly 40 per cent of FTSE 100 board positions are now held by women – meaning the UK is second in the world for women’s representation at board level as we work to build back fairer.

  • This Government is committed to levelling up every part of our country – tackling inequality and promoting equality of opportunity, including at senior level, so everyone can thrive. 
  • Conservatives do not support crude measures such as quotas but we do believe that your chances of promotion in politics or business should not depend on how many X or Y chromosomes you have, and hence we welcome the FTSE Women Leaders Review, which shows that nearly 40 per cent of UK FTSE 100 board positions are now held by women – compared with 12.5 per cent just 10 years ago – meaning the UK is second in international rankings for board representation.
  • UK businesses have made enormous progress in recent years to ensure that everyone, whatever their background, can succeed on merit - and we will continue to support them to go further and build on this progress. 

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