Sunday, February 13, 2022

Russia and Ukraine

On Friday evening the Prime Minister held a virtual meeting with the leaders of the US, Canada, Italy, Poland, Romania, France, Germany, the European Council, the European Commission and NATO on the situation in Ukraine. The governments of the USA, Britain and most of the rest of these countries have urged their citizens in Ukraine  to leave now.

  • The Prime Minister discussed the situation in Ukraine with our allies as we continue to fear for peace and security in Europe under the current circumstances.
  • If Russia makes the devastating and destructive decision to invade Ukraine there would be a heavy package of economic sanctions that would damage Russia’s economy – we are encouraging our allies to reinforce and support the Eastern frontiers of NATO and to work together to deliver economic and defensive support to Ukraine.
  • The safety and security of British nationals must be the top priority of the UK government we have also updated our travel advice – British nationals in Ukraine have been urged to leave now via commercial means while they remain available.

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