£10.7 million more for the NHS

The government is putting an extra £10.7 million of investment into the NHS.

Andrew Lansley has challenged Labour leader Miliband to match this increased investment in the NHS.

In a speech to the Welsh Labour Party, Ed Miliband baselessly attacked the Government for seeing healthcare as "a commodity to be bought and sold." However, his speech failed to commit his party to matching the increased NHS budget being delivered by the Coalition.

The Health Secretary has called on Ed Miliband to explain whether he agrees with his Labour colleague Andy Burnham that our increases in NHS spending are "irresponsible", or if he will commit the Labour Party to match our investment.

Commenting on the Labour leader's speech, Andrew Lansley said:

"Before attacking the Government for cutting the NHS, Ed Miliband needs to tell us whether he supports the extra £10.7 billion we are putting into the NHS. If he won't support that extra funding, people will see these attacks for what they are - pure political opportunism."

And he added, "Ed Miliband has no vision to improve care for patients. He has turned his back on the very things we need to modernise our NHS - "any willing provider", increasing the power of frontline staff and making accountability work for patients, not bureaucrats"


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