Census 2011

Like most householders up and down the country I have received my census form.

Note that there is no point returning this before 27th March - send it back before that data and the form is invalid.


Jim said…
Just wondering, and you may know the answer or may not.

Like i imagine most other people i have filled in the census form online. I have not yet submitted it as was waiting until mar 27 (when no doubt the website will crash as the server is busy).

However, i notice that the website will allow me to submit the form now. If this invalidates the data, why would they add the submit now button to the website before Mar 27th?

I know the submit now works as i know people who have already submitted it.
Chris Whiteside said…
My understanding is that the information on the form is supposed to be confirmed and submitted on, or as closely afterwards as possible, 27th March,

But it would be entirely in accordance with my own experience of public sector IT projects if the site goes down on 27th March as everyone tries to do this!

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