I am sure that almost everyone has been following the ongoing disaster in Japan with sympathy and horror. The magnitude of the disaster is quite astonishing. Thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by the disaster.


Jim said…
it is horific and terrible what is happenening in Japan, my thoughts are truly with the Japaneese people at this time.

However, i must add that were it not for this type of event we would not be here.

let me explain (know a bit about this stuff as my passion is astrnomy)

The earth is geologically active, it replenishes its crust in the atlantic and disposes of the old in the pacific. This causes horrific earth quakes on pacific countries, or parts of countries, ie japan california etc.

it is this very activity that causes the earths core to create a magnetic field. The magnetic field shields the earth from the solar wind from the sun, lots of nasties there, any way were it not for the earths magnetic field the solar wind would have stripped the planet of its atmosphere, or at least the best part of it, long before the dinosaurs were here.

I am not in any way celebrating the earthquake, and I think the loss of life is horrific, however, that is the way the earth works, understanding this is key to anything I think

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