West Cumbria Shootings: Inquest begins today

The inquest into the deaths of the twelve people who were killed during the tragic shooting events of last year and the death of Derrick Bird will begin today, Tuesday 1 March, at Energus, Lillyhall, Workington and is again likely to attract substantial national and local media attention.

This will no doubt be difficult and will bring back some painful memories and emotions for all involved as well as for those living in the communities affected.

An inquest is a formal court hearing at which a coroner must establish who died and how, when and where the death occurred.

The inquests are the first time where we are likely to hear all of the details of the events of 2nd June. Some of the information that will come out of the inquests is likely to be graphic and upsetting.

The public services in the area – Copeland Council, Cumbria County Council, NHS Cumbria and Cumbria Constabulary are working together to do all that they can to ensure that the negative impact of the inquests on the community is minimised.

NHS Cumbria, have produced a leaflet with information on how to cope with the events. Copies will be available from the usual community locations, and these and additional support information will also be available from the NHS Cumbria website, www.cumbria.nhs.uk, and from the Copeland Council website, www.copeland.gov.uk.

We know that the inquests are likely to attract significant national and local media attention. If you are concerned by how the media are operating then you might want to visit the Press Complaints Commission website to see what you can do, www.pcc.org.uk.

If the press are acting illegally or causing disorder then you might want to report this to Cumbria Police directly by calling 0845 33 00 247.

We know that these are going to be challenging and emotional times. It is important that residents of West Cumbria support each other, however we can, throughout the period.


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