Kenny Wilson R.I.P.

Kenneth William Wilson, who died yesterday, was a true Cumbrian gentleman who will be sadly missed by the very large number of people who knew him.

He was an extraordinarily generous man, with a great sense of fun and fellowship: he had been involved in supporting a huge number of charities and other organisations. He was one of those who did most to make it possible for the former Town Hall in Cleator Moor to remain a building which the community can still use, as one of the architects of the purchase of the hall by West Cumbrian Freemasons, who continue to hire it out for public use, when the council would have closed it.

Rest in Peace.

Update: his funeral will be at noon on Wednesday 11th July at St Bridget's Church, Moresby.

Second update: the funeral was exceptionally well attended with people standing outside the church listening via public address system.


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