One Lib/Dem wises up

I always try to give credit where it is due and am grateful to Plato on Political Betting for the following account of a Lib/Dem rising star's comments of what she has learned from her party being in government ...

(Plato wrote) "Well one LD seems to have got it. Perhaps it'll be catching. Paywall."

(She then quoted)

"Ms Swinson, who in February was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, admits that being in Government has meant the Lib Dems have had to hit the road running. And if they’ve learnt one thing it’s that broken promises often lead to broken reputations.

“In opposition you can just take the purely populist route on every issue and also people don’t in quite the same way make sure that everything stacks up.”

She continues: “So you can say one thing on one issue and one thing on another issue that might be actually contradictory. but, in a sense, when you’re in opposition because it doesn’t have to hang together… Whereas when you’re in government it does all have to work together and you have to be much more consistent and that’s been a useful learning experience.”


Anonymous said…
its so much more difficult coming up with workable ideas, than waiting for those in power to do it then saying the exact opposite isn't it.

Though I am quite dumbfounded that it takes some people a term governing the United Kingdom to actually learn that.

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