Metal Thieves use bogus drainage van

The parasites who make their living preying on society by stealing metal from our national infrastructure, ripping out metal cables and pipes or public monuments, sometimes display an inventiveness which would be commendable in a less ignoble activity or which would probably earn them more money if deployed in honest work.
As a case in point, police are searching for a gang who used a bogus drainage company van in a bid to steal cable from the BT network.

​The five men fled the scene in Eltham, south London, when they spotted police approaching their vehicle. It was found have concealed winching equipment fitted inside.

Officers recovered a large quantity of BT cable from the rear of the van which the thieves had already removed from the ground.

In the past few weeks several rogue gangs have been caught and arrested while trying to pass themselves off as legitimate workmen and using props like the bogus drainage company van in an attempt to attempt to blend into the surroundings.
If you see people who at first sight appear to be workmen but who are acting suspiciously, do not hesitate to call 999.


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