Have been watching the opening ceremony for the Olympic games this evening.


Bonkers, brilliant, and very British.


Jim said…
REALLY???????? Were we watching the same thing???? Perhaps one channel must have had a different version of it to the one I saw. I agree with the bonkers bit, but that's it.


What did we learn about Britain from this ceremony? Well, we learned that the industrial revolution, the Victorians, the Suffragettes, two world wars, and the abolition of slavery all co-existed in the same time period. The Seven Years War never happened, nor did the American War of Independence. The battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo were just pretend too.

We learned that the NHS are the same organisation as the CND, and that 90% of all children in England are black.

Then, we had the delight of hearing our own Queen, in our own country, be introduced in FRENCH before English. Then Royal Navy - yes, the same Royal Navy that has repeatedly put the French back in their place - and our national anthem are also introduced in French....

I have never seen a more left wing display of nonsense than this. Im so glad they spent £27 million, of public money to do it too.
Chris Whiteside said…
Jim, I just think we're goin to have to disagree on this.

You cannot fit everything into a ceremony like that one, and have to be careful about how you mention things like wars

- though they weren't so oversensitive to German feelings not to include the music of "The flight of the Dambusters" to give just one example -

but it did include a wide selection of key items from our history and the humour was very British.

French is the official language of the Olympic movement - a legacy of their refounding by a Frenchman, though he was a self-confessed anglophile who said that he had incorporated British ideas of sport in the modern Olympic philosophy.
Jim said…
Thats fine, I live with agreeing to disagree. Though I would have thought if there was to be an official language to the Olypics then it should be Greek.

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