Murray marches on

Amazing play by Andy Murray yesterday to become the first British player to reach a Wimbledon men's final in 74 years. Richly deserved as both Murray and his opponent played brilliantly.

Five years ago the last Brit to win a Wimbledon title of any kind was also a Murray - Jamie Murray, who won the mixed doubles with his partner in 2007. And  a Brit with very similar surname - Jonny Marray - is through to the 2012 Men's doubles final.

Andy Murray will now face six times champion Roger Federer, who is one of the greatest players of all time, in the final.

It is seventy six years since a Brit, Fred Perry, actually won the men's singles title.

Andy Murray obviously has an attitude which is both realistic and positive:

"I'm probably not expected to win the match, but it is one that, if I play well, I'm capable of winning," he said.

"His record here has been incredible, so the pressure will be less on me because of who he is."

Tim Henman, the last Brit before Andy Murray to make four consecutive Wimbledon men's singles semi finals - all of which he sadly lost, though he did get as far as having a couple of match points for a place in the final - has said of Sunday's match that

"Andy Murray's got one monkey off the nation's back by becoming Britain's first male singles finalist in 74 years, it's his chance to kill two birds with one stone. It was an unbelievable performance by Murray to beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in his semi-final and an amazing match ...

"Murray's done such a good job of maintaining his focus and staying mentally strong ...

"Andy will like the match-up with Roger and if he can get to Federer's backhand, of course he has a chance.

"For the next two days ... the focus and the attention will be so intense and Murray will have to make sure he keeps his head down. And doesn't read any papers."

The one thing we can be certain of on Sunday is that with the superb form both Federer and Muray have been showing we are almost certain to see an amazing game of tennis.


Tim said…
Exciting sporting times indeed Chris,....I've just watched the Sky cycling team absolutely annihilate the opposition to propel Bradley Wiggins into the yellow jersey. This is an even longer running hoodoo than Wimbledon, but Brad could be the first Brit to ever win, and this is the 99th Tour, and still the Olympics to come.

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