Andrew Johnson for Whitehaven and Workington

Andrew Johnson has been selected as Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Whitehaven and Workington the next General Election.

Andrew was voted in by members of our Association at a meeting in Whitehaven Civic Hall this afternoon, and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill to the role.
For more information about Andrew, visit:

Unlike the Labour candidate he will face, Andrew was the free choice of members in the whole constituency he is standing to represent:

  • Andrew was chosen by a party members at a general meeting to which Conservative members throughout the new Whitehaven and Workington constituency were invited: where the Labour candidate was chosen by party members in Copeland only and members in Workington were excluded
  • Andrew was freely chosen by local Conservative party members: The Labour candidate was chosen from a short list which grew shorter and shorter as some members were excluded and others withdrew.
  • Conservatives in Whitehaven and Workington are delighted by our choice - Labour members in Whitehaven and Workington have beem resigning in job lots over the way Labour HQ mismanaged - and most of them are using much stronger words than that - the selection of their candidate.


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