Pat Graham RIP

I was very sorry to learn that Pat Graham, the last Chief Executive of Copeland Borough Council, died this morning.

She was a consummate professional and widely respected by the vast majority of councillors and staff members she dealt with.

Trudy Harrison MP, the local member of parliament, who knew Pat Graham very well, having worked with her when they were both at Copeland Council, wrote this moving tribute to Pat:

"Pat was the best ambassador for us women to look up to, I learned from Pat that motherhood and forging a professional career can go together.  A tragic day for West Cumbria and all who knew her, I can’t begin to comprehend what her family are now going through.  I hope we can keep the project flames burning brightly on those she sparked and really cared about."

Very many condolences to her family.

Rest in Peace.


Chris Whiteside said…
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