Sunday, December 27, 2015

Four Flood warnings still in place in Cumbria

Four flood warnings remain in place across Cumbria with residents reminded to be prepared for flooding and to take care on the roads. Chief Inspector David Bosson, of Cumbria Police, said the flooding situation in the county had improved but road users still need to be careful.

"There is still a lot of surface water on the road network of the county and we would like to warn motorists to take care and drive appropriately for the conditions," he said.

“I would like to take this opportunity to advise motorists to not in any circumstance ignore road closure signs and continue on their journey. Roads are closed for your safety.

“I am also keen to urge motorists to not drive through flood water. Doing so is extremely dangerous as you cannot determine the depth.”

Water from the river Eden was reported to have made the road surface in Appleby in the early hours of this morning while Carlisle firefighters went to 11 flood-connnected incidents between 7am yesterday and 7am today.

Surface water remains in place across the county's roads and all road users have been urged to use caution while travelling.

The Army has been out over the weekend installing temporary flood defences in towns and villages including Appleby, Warwick Bridge and Braithwaite.

Warnings - meaning "immediate action" is required - are in place for:

River Eden at Carlisle, Rickerby Park, Swifts and Stoneyholme Golf Course;
Keswick Campsite;
River Eden at Low Crosby, Eden Golf Course area.
River Eden and Caldew at Carlisle, Devonshire Walk and the West Coast Mainline, Bitts Park and cricket ground.

In addition, several flood alerts - meaning flooding is possible but not expected - remain in place across the county, and several bridges and roads remain closed as result of this month's flooding.


Greta Bridge, Keswick - closed because of high water levels
C2008 Dearham bridge - damaged
C2027 Southwaite Bridge - damaged
C3057 Ousenstand Bridge - surface damaged
Eamont Bridge - significant damage found during inspection - remains closed
Pooley Bridge - collapsed
Brougham Old - defective
C1017 Petteril Crook, Wreay - culvert collapsed
Gelt Middle Bridge - damaged
Gote Bridge, Cockermouth - awaiting inspection
Ouse Bridge - inspection required after fallen tree
Legburthwaite Mill Bridge, St Johns in the Vale - awaiting inspection
Broughton High Bridge - damaged
C2058 Mill Dam Bridge - damaged
Isel Bridge - damaged
Braithwaite High Bridge, near junction of B5292 - parapet collapsed
Threlkeld Bridge, Threlkeld - damaged
U2219 Stormwater footbridge - damaged
Forge Footbridge, Keswick - damaged
Eamont Bridge, near Penrith, will remain closed after divers found “significant damage” to the structure.


The News and Star's current list of affected roads in North Cumbria as at mid-day on Sunday is:
  • Linstock to Rickerby, flooded
  • A689, Carlisle Airport roundabout, flooded
  • A6071, Irthing Bridge, flooded
  • Moor Cottages, Mallerstang due to water off fells
  • A684 closed at Appersett
  • Carlisle by-pass Wigton Rd/Orton Rd, flooded
  • A66 Eastbound, Coupland Beck, Appleby, vehicles aquaplaning due to standing water
  • A6 Plumpton flooded
  • A66 Kirkby Stephen at first slip road in, deep flood
  • Dalston side of Barras Lane
  • Wormanby, Burgh by Sands, barely passable
  • B6412 Langwathby to Culgaith, flooded
  • A6 Carleton flooded
  • A6 Mounsey Bank Farm, flooded
  • Moorhouse, Carlisle. Badly flooded
  • APR Road, Todhills, weighbridge area, flooded by catchment pools
  • A69 w/b Corby Hill, flooded
  • Lady Guilfords railway bridge flooded
  • Appleby, the Sands. Water just reached pavement. Traffic being diverted
  • Langwathby Bridge, water extremely high
  • A595 Greenhill/Wigton/Aspatria passable with care

    Their list of roads closed, also as a mid-day on Sunday, is
C3079 Daleholme lane, Kirkby Stephen - carriageway failure
U3088 Barrock Mill - washed out approaches
U3047/A66 junction, Guardhouse - collapsed retaining wall
A591, from U7003, extending in a northerly and southerly direction, from St Johns in the Vale junction to Dunmail Raise - land slip and flooding
B5322, from A591 (Legburthwaite) to A66 Threlkeld - flooding
C2058 Portinscale to Grange - flooding and landslide
U1140, from junction with B5305 north easterly, Bell Bridge, Sebergham - damaged
U2116 Park Wood, Bassenthwaite - landlsip
U2219 Scales, Lorton - landslip
U2219 Stormwater Old, Portinscale - flooding / landslip
U2229 Brundholme Woods, Keswick - landslip
C2058 Keskadale From a point 30m north of the property known as Keskadale Farm for a distance of 50m Keskadale Culvert near to Keskadale Farm Culvert - damaged
C2027, from a point 50m either side of the centre line of the bridge, Southwaite Mill Bridge, Lorton - flooding and road damage
C2016 Camerton to Great Broughton - flooding / landslip

Source: News and Star.

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