Thursday, December 17, 2015

What do people think of the "Leave" and "Remain" campaigns so far?

Interesting polling from Lord Ashcroft this morning about the forthcoming referendum on British EU membership.

There is clearly everything to play for and it could go either way, especially if the EU is not prepared to agree enough of the reform David Cameron is asking for (and various people on both sides of the argument with at least four different agendas are clearly engaged in a massive battle of spin and expectations management about how that is going.)

But if Britain votes to stay in, I think the impression voters are forming of the campaigns, and which is summed up by this graphic, may be one of the decisive factors.

Proportion of those polled associating each of these words more with the relevant campaign:

If the "Leave" campaign cannot overcome the toxic impression which the less reality-based elements  of UKIP are giving to their side of the debate, they will have trouble getting enough of the electorate to pay attention to their arguments no matter how good some of them are.

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Jim said...

What do people think of the "Leave" and "Remain" campaigns so far? -

well if you are referring to the ones started prematurly that we have at the mement, not a lot. Obviously It does not concern me that I dont think so much of the remain campaign.

Thing is Vote Leave Ltd are extreemly poor, and so far to me Leave.EU appear to be UKIP in drag.

Its rather depressing stuff, and all are missing DCs ever more apparent "triangulation" method. Present the Remin campaign as one extreem, The leave campaign (with ukip aid) as the other, and him self and his associated membership dubbed "the british model of membership" as the moderate sensible middle man.