Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quote of the day 17th December 2015


Jim said...

I remember trying to explain about prices to someone on facebook, it was quite a long drawn out explanation. I talked about prices in apples and oranges, and then moved on to money as the universal good, this sort of worked, then i said so in true free market or capitalist society, you end with free trade, where by the market sets the prices and people tend to make the maximum possible number of trades, each one being to their own perceived advantage.

He saw the word "capitalist" answered I never thought that little of you till now. He then decided to post a separate posting with my my image, and the slogan - I am a capitalist,I support bankers, I like monopolies, corporations, and suppressing the minimum wage.

Chris Whiteside said...

Thank you for an excellent example of someone whose actions illustrate this quote perfectly.