Sunday, December 20, 2015

Guido's latest caption competition

Paul Staines who blogs as Guido Fawkes launched a caption competition here on Friday showing UKIP's leader and one MP, who have not exactly been seeing eye to eye this week. Here is the picture to caption:

My favourite entry from the comments, which is also very topical given that there is a new Star Wars film out this week, was

"I find your lack of faith ... disturbing."

Though to the best of my knowledge Nige can't use the Force to strangle people who disagree with him - which is probably just as well for about 88% of the voting electorate ...


Jim said...

He is quite a formidable force at strangling away any hard work done from those who want to leave the European Union in an amicable, sensible, workable, safe and mutually beneficial way though.

Chris Whiteside said...

Unfortunately true - at least from the viewpoint of those who want to leave or those like me who are still thinking about it but do want to see a genuine debate.