Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Storm Frank may bring further flooding in Cumbria and Northern Britain ...

Heavy rain will continue to fall across Northern England and in Scotland today and with the ground still saturated and river levels at recent record highs, there is the potential for further significant flooding in Cumbria and elsewhere.

A Chinook helicopter is being employed to deposit 1 tonne sandbags. Further bags are ready for today subject to flying conditions.

York’s Foss Barrier is now operational following emergency work and flood waters in the city are receding, although the community should remain vigilant with levels expected to rise again later in the week. Environment Agency operational staff and the army worked around the clock to get the Foss Barrier pumps repaired after high river levels flooded the pump room and affected the power system.

As of 11.00 on 30 December there were 3 severe flood warnings, 46 flood warnings and 85 flood alerts in place across England and Wales. Flood warnings are updated on the Environment Agency website every 15 minutes.

The country has faced an extraordinary period of severe weather and flooding since the start of December. Cumbria has faced the wettest December on record. Across the north of England over the past week more than 6,700 homes have flooded as river levels reached all time highs. Storm Frank is also expected to cause serious problems in Scotland.

Environment Agency teams remain out in force deploying temporary defences and sandbags to reinforce existing defences, repairing damaged defences, clearing river blockages, monitoring water levels and sending out flood warnings. Environment Agency staff from across the country have been sent to provide support in affected areas.

Craig Woolhouse, Director of Incident Management at the Environment Agency, said: “Our hearts go out to those that have been flooded. Environment Agency teams continue to work around the clock in difficult conditions.

“The weather remains hugely challenging, with more rain threatening to cause further flooding in Cumbria and Yorkshire today and into New Year’s Eve. We urge communities and visitors, particularly in Cumbria to prepare and not to walk or drive through flood water.”

The Environment Agency is advising the public to continue to listen to and co-operate with the emergency services, particularly those in the areas where severe flood warnings have been issued.

People can sign up to receive free flood warnings, check their flood risk and keep up to date with the latest situation on the Environment Agency website and on social media using #floodaware.

Source: Environment agency news release on Cumbria Crack at

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