Friday, February 24, 2017

Congratulations to Trudy Harrison

Here are the Copeland results in full, with percentage shares of the vote.

Trudy Harrison (Conservative) 13,748 votes (44.25%, increase +8.46%) ELECTED
Gillian Troughton (Labour) 11,601 (37.34%, -4.92%)
Rebecca Hanson (Liberal Democrat) 2,252 (7.25%, +3.80%)
Fiona Mills (UKIP) 2,025 (6.52%, -9.00%)
Michael Guest (Independent) 811 (2.61%)
Jack Lenox (Green) 515 (1.66%, -1.32%)
Roy Ivinson (Independent) 116 (0.37%)
Conservative majority 2,147 (6.91%)
6.69% swing Labour to Conservative
Electorate 60,602; Turnout 31,068 (51.27%, -12.53%)


Jim said...

Quite surprised at the turnout more than the result. Seems Doris did not bite that hard after all.

Anonymous said...

Doris didn't turn up, just like the electorate.

Jim said...

Not sure about that, over 50% is quite high for a by election.

Chris Whiteside said...

Jim is right on both points.

51% turnout in a by-election is very good.

Basically the Conservative vote came out and we got something very close indeed to our recent general election vote.

Labour got enough of their support out that they would have won some recent by-elections with the vote they got - but not nearly as high a proportion of the Labour vote came out as the proportion of the Conservative vote which did. And some normally Labour voters lent their vote to other candidates.