Thursday, February 09, 2017

Copeland By-Election - Two weeks to go

The by-election for a new MP for Copeland is two weeks today on February 23rd.

I will be backing Trudy Harrison, the Conservative candidate, who was born and has always lived in the constituency, gave birth to her four children at West Cumberland Hospital, and would be the most effective champion for our area.

I am convinced that Trudy would be the best placed of the candidates to fight to make sure we get the new nuclear power station at Moorside, to protect local infrastructure, to defend and return services to West Cumberland Hospital, Millom Community Hospital and the Mary Hewetson Cottage hospital at Keswick, particularly including consultant-led maternity and children's services at WCH.

You can read about Trudy's plan for our area at

Michael Crick from Channel 4 News was in Copeland earlier this week. He says he tried to contact all the candidates in the by-election for an interview and I do not doubt for a fraction of a second that he is telling the truth about this. Trudy and all but one of the opposition candidate were happy to talk to him and be filmed campaigning.

Yet for some reason Jeremy Corbyn's Labour candidate for Copeland didn't want to talk to Mr Crick. I wonder why?

You can watch a replay of Michael Crick's report on the Copeland By Election at

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