Saturday, February 18, 2017

Quote of the day 18th February 2017

"Some of us have not forgotten that Labour increased outsourcing in the NHS faster than the coalition or the Conservatives. And we had to fight proposals to cut services like maternity when they were running the government too!

Voting Labour to stop privatisation of the NHS is like supporting King Herod for better childcare!"

(Copeland voter, conversation on the doorstep. The comment about the level of outsourcing when Labour's Andy Burnham was health secretary is accurate as the graph below shows)


Anonymous said...

Someone really said that?

Chris Whiteside said...

I didn't tape record the conversation or write it down, so I'm not going to swear I have recorded every word correctly.

But yes, I had a conversation this week in which sentiments along those lines were expressed by a Copeland voter.