Monday, February 27, 2017

My final post on ridiculous explanations for the Copeland by-election result

I'm not going to do any more posts on the subject after this one as it is time to move on.

However, I did think this not-entirely serious summary of the Corbynista explanations put forward for Labour's shattering defeat in Copeland last week, which has been shared by a number of people on left and right such as former Labour MP Tom Harris, was funny enough to be the last word on the subject (especially for Michael Jackson fans).

Meanwhile, rumour has it that this was the reaction in Number Ten to Jeremy Corbyn's statement on Sky News that he intends to lead the Labour party into the 2020 General Election:


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with how incompetent Labour in Copeland and Cumbria are then. It's all Jeremy's fault.

Jim said...

It has to come down to both, Sure labour have been completely and totally incompetent in Copeland and Cumbria for years, though they kept winning elections. I think someone like Corbyn and his anti nuclear stance, in Copeland, pretty much was the wake up call even the reddest of red constituencies needed.

Not that a tory MP will make any difference, but its certainly showing that times are changing and people are waking up.

Chris Whiteside said...

Oh, I agree entirely that Labour in Copeland and Cumbria have got many things utterly wrong and, yes, have often been incompetent.

What was so off-beam as to be funny, however, was the lengths some Corbyn supporters would go to in a vain attempt to exonerate their man from taking his share of responsibility for the defeat.