Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some people never learn ...

If you were to ask me to identify the article by a British politician which represented the worst attack of political hubris in British history, I would have to point to

"We cannot be killed"

published in the News Statesman, dated 25th September 2007, by the then Labour MP Siôn Simon.

You would think it would be difficult for even a Labour politician to make a bigger idiot of himself than Sion Simon had managed the previous year with a spoof David Cameron video but this article managed it with the highest ratio of wrong predictions to sentences ever seen in an article.

"Shortly there will be an election," he wrote, (there wasn't as Brown bottled it.)

"at which Labour will increase it's majority." (when the next election came Labour lost it's majority and made net losses of 91 seats.)

Simon also predicted that the forthcoming Labour victory "ought to herald another decade of strong, confident, consensual Labour government." (ROFL.)

Siôn Simon is currently an MEP and Labour's candidate to be the first Mayor of the West Midlands in the election in May this year.

Ten years after his landmark attack of hubris in the New Statesman he has an article on the labourlist.org website which is nearly as bad.

There are plenty of positive reasons to vote for the excellent Conservative candidate to be mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, but the fact that Mr Simon is his main opponent certainly adds another reason to vote for Andy.

Here are some extracts for the two articles showing  Siôn Simon's hubris ten years apart:

Some people never learn ...

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