Thursday, February 16, 2017

Quote of the day 16th February 2017

On a visit to Captain Shaw's school in Bootle, which was saved following a local campaign in which Trudy Harrison, Conservative candidate in the by-election on 23rd February played a leading role, the PM talked about the local NHS and the proposed Moorside nuclear development, to which she said the Conservatives are committed.
She had this to say about Trudy Harrison's support for local health services in Cumbria:
"Trudy Harrison does indeed know the importance of these services. She is opposed to the downgrading of these services.

What is important is that Trudy Harrison is a candidate who has made clear her views not just to me but to health ministers, but she is also somebody who has a track record of delivering for local people.

She would be the strongest voice for Copeland if elected on 23rd February.

There is an issue about recruitment and retention of doctors.

Trudy has come up with a very sensible idea that there should be a professionally-led review into this issue of recruitment and retention and that is something the health minister is looking at.

There has been a lot of scaremongering about hospital services in the NHS here by the Labour Party.

There is no truth in the suggestion that A&E at West Cumberland Hospital is about to close.

They have been misleading in their representation of what I have said about maternity services at West Cumberland Hospital."

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