Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Copeland by-election cardiovascular workout continues

Out today evening delivering magazines in Lowca and Low Moresby for Conservative candidate Trudy Harrison.

As with the Valley area of Whitehaven you might think from the name that would not be too bad, but "Low Moresby" is low only in comparison with Moresby Parks and neither this village nor nearby Lowca is exactly flat!

So up and down a lot of steep slopes tonight.

However, it was undoubtedly exercise. Apologies to the lady who opened the door to put the rubbish out at the exact moment I came to the door delivering and had a shock finding someone on the doorstep.

The Copeland by election cardiovascular workout continues apace ...


Jim said...

Many moons ago i had a girlfriend who lived at Low Moresby, I once went to Low Moresby from Moresby parks (down the big hill there) and hit black Ice.

that was a fun day in a peugeot 205.

Jim said...

Is the plan to re-draw the constituency boundarys still on the cards? thus placing Whitehaven in the same one as us Jam eaters?

Jim said...

its a bit of a shame you are not all campaining in Jam eater land to be honest, I would have made you some lovely waffles to start off the day. Not that i am being pro or con conservatives, its just my fantastic waffles with bacon and egg on deserve some support.

Chris Whiteside said...

The boundary commission has resurrected that proposal, yes, and the first round of public consultation was last year. We will get the second round and an updated set of boundary commission proposals later in 2017.

It is very likely to still involve a West Cumbria seat putting Whitehaven and Workington together.

Then we will have to see whether turkeys vote for Christmas and a new set of boundaries reducing the number of MPs can get through parliament. I think the odds are about 60:40 that it will go through but am not putting my shirt on it.