Thursday, November 01, 2018

Dealing with serious and organised crime

Today the government is launching a Serious and Organised Crime Strategy to crack down on the most dangerous serious and organised criminals, ensuring Britain remains a safe place to get on in life.

Key facts:

Security Minister Ben Wallace has announced that £48 million will be invested in law enforcement capabilities in 2019-20 to specifically tackle illicit finance which will enhance the overall response to serious and organised crime. This includes:

  • A funding boost to the multi-agency National Economic Crime Centre to bring together partners across government as well as from the public and private sectors to combat economic crime including money laundering and fraud. 
  • Investment in new specially-trained police officers to improve and coordinate fraud investigations at local, regional and national levels. 
  • Recruitment of more officers who will focus on investigating serious and organised criminals, and identify and seize money derived from criminal activity. 
  • Extra investment in data and intelligence assessment capabilities to develop new technology and up-skill people to use data more effectively and increase the quantity and quality of intelligence available to investigators. 

Why this matters:

The Conservative strategy published today shows that serious and organised crime costs the economy more than £37 billion and causes untold misery we all pay the price for. We are working with the private sector and international partners to show that no one is above the law so that this is a country safe for everyone to get on in life

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