Thursday, November 01, 2018

The Budget at a glance

This week the chancellor delivered a budget for investment, a budget for public services, a budget which rewarded hard work and will help people deal with the cost of living, and a budget to get Britain's economy moving.

It was a budget which gave people the opportunity to keep more of their own money. cutting taqxes through a rise in personal allowances, which helps all taxpayers to keep more of their own money, but in particular, continued a process which has meant that millions of lower-paid workers no longer have to pay income tax at all.

But this budget also gave more support to the National Health Service, which is receiving the biggest funding increase in its 70 year history.

It was a budget which kept fuel taxes frozen for the ninth consecutive year and gave people help dealing with the cost of living

It was a budget to keep productivity growing so we can afford more, as a society and as individuals.


Jim said...

"by freezing fuel duty, the average driver will have saved £1000 by April 2020"

Well that is one hell of a statement isn't it.

I am Dick Turpin I rob you for travelling down this road, I only take £50 for each visit, and i put £1.50 back into maintaining this road for each and every encounter. I have kept it at £50 for the last 9 years, despite government and bank caused "inflation", look at the money i am saving you.

Jim said...

oh and if you consider not being held up by a worse highway man a saving then there is no hope really is there.

thank god it was captain flint who caught my ship and only took my right arm, black beard would have had both my legs.
all hail captain James Flint.

Chris Whiteside said...

It's a saving relative to what would have happened under the fuel tax "escalator" which was in place when the Conservatives came into government in 2010 and would have put up the price of petrol by that amount.

The comment about taking lots more money for the roads than is actually spent on them would have been fair in the past, but in this budget, for the first time ever, the amount taken from the motorist in road tax is actually smaller than the amount - £28.8 billion - being invested in the roads.