Friday, November 01, 2019

An election for Life, not for Christmas

Every time there is an election, the politicians and pundits always say how important this current election is, often producing clichés like "the most important election since the war" or "the most pivotal election of this century."

This one really is pivotal. If Boris Johnson gets a majority, Brexit will finally happen on the terms set put in the deal. We can then start moving forward.

If Boris does not get a majority, we are almost certainly looking at a government led by Jeremy Corbyn who would be the most left-wing PM the country has ever had. Whether you are one of his devoted fan club or believe that he would do immense damage to the UK, the one thing that we can all agree on is that a Corbyn government would be a very radical change.

There is of course a third option in the Liberal "Democrats" and I put the second word of their name in inverted commas because any party which comes out with some of the contortions in respect of their attitudes to referenda which have emerged from the Lib/Dems under their present leader has a very questionable right to describe themselves as democrats. At one point they were calling for another EU referendum and yet saying that if it produced another "leave" vote they would ignore the result and continue to  back remaining in the EU: now they are saying that they would prefer to simply cancel the 2016 referendum.

If the trade descriptions act applied to politicians the Liberal "Democrats" would be successfully sued for supporting such policies while operating under their present name. They will do well in some heavily Remain areas of the country but they are most unlikely to come first in seats or votes with a policy which quite literally, if you will excuse my quoting their bad language, says "bollocks" to the majority of 2016 voters and a majority of the constituencies in the country.

There is a very good article by Daniel Johnson here on The Article site called

"This election is for life, not just for Christmas"

After running through what the parties offer he concludes

"Not all elections matter, but this one really will. Our choices will determine what kind of country we want to live in for generations to come. We should ignore politicians bearing gifts. This election is for life, not just for Christmas."

Daniel Johnson also has another interesting article here which suggests that Nigel Farage's question to Donald Trump which provoked an attack on Jeremy Corbyn from the President of the United States was actually designed to help Corbyn.

I am 100% convinced that Daniel is right on that point.

Whether Trump knew what he was doing or not, Farage knows that voters do not like being told what to do by the leader of another country, even an ally. The Brexit party leader and the cabal around him have certainly put out enough attack tweets criticising foreign leaders like Obama, Merkel and Tusk for "interfering" in British politics to prove that he gets this point.

This was a stunt intended to help Labour under the guise of attacking them as part of some foolish partisan game. Sadly it probably won't be the last such stunt of the forthcoming election campaign.

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