An amazing rescue

I'm sure people around the world will be celebrating the amazing rescue of all the 33 men who have been trapped 2000 feet underground in a mine in Chile for two months.

A fantastic triumph for the discipline and determination of both the miners themselves and their rescuers.

Mining towns and communities tend to have a strong and tightly-knit sense of identity within themselves and with each other. Sixty and a hundred years ago Whitehaven received messages of sympathy and support from mining communities all around the world after terrible disasters: I am sure today the thoughts of millions of people all around the world will be with the people of Chile (and Bolivia) in their joy at the wonderful news that these men have been rescued.


Anonymous said…
A Tory with sympathy for miners, whatever next
Chris Whiteside said…
The site of the former William Pit is in the ward I represent on Copeland Council.

A few days after my election I was invited to a ceremony of remembrance to commemorate the 60th anniversary of a terrible disaster at that pit. I did attend, and saw the strength of community feeling that brought 4,000 people onto the streets of Whitehaven.

It doesn't matter what your politics are, anyone who has witnessed, even at 60 or 100 years remove, the impact of a mining tragedy will be glad that the situation in Chile had a happier ending.
Anonymous said…
Margret would have left them there.
Chris Whiteside said…
The taste of that comment is as dubious as the spelling.

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