Harriet Harman puts her foot in it

Harriet Harman MP, former acting leader of the Labour party, has described Lib/Dem cabinet minister Danny Alexander as a "ginger rodent".

This prompted Mike Smithson of political betting, not a man who with whom I associate words like 'fury' to ask "Has Labour's hate campaign gone too far?" and comment

"As the father of two children who were bullied at school because of their ginger hair I am beside myself with fury at Harriet Harman’s nasty attack on Danny Alexander as being a “ginger rodent”.

By all means get into an argument on the issues but to use an inherited bodily characteristic to attack someone smacks of racism - which is even more outrageous given Harriet’s record in the equality area."


Jane said…
So much for equality, Harriet Harman. Attacking someone for what is genetically determined certainly smacks of racism.

If it is not intentionally racist it was a stupid remark. Maybe she has just lost the 'ginger' vote. Will Neil Kinnock now be crossing the floor?
Tim said…
It's not racist, it's GINGERIST.

Good example of both racism and sexism was when Lynne Featherstone
referred to the then new cabinet as "to male and pale". Imagine the fuss if someone had described a group of being too female and dark.

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