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"Mr Miliband, don't you dare claim to be a friend of working class people.
Don't you dare to claim to be a friend of ethnic minorities;
and don't you dare claim to be a friend of people from the north.

I am all of these things, and Mr Miliband you are no friend of mine!"

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi


Tim said…
This wouldn't be the same Baroness Sayeeda Warsi who recently had an article in the New Statesmen claiming that the Conservative Party had lost at least three seats to Labour because of fraud in what she called “Asian areas.” ?

According to reports, police have launched 50 criminal inquiries into claims of voter fraud during the last election. Ms Warsi is however living in a dream world if she thinks Muslim voter fraud is exclusively a Labour problem. Recently, five Muslim Conservative Party members in Bradford, including two former councillors, were jailed for their part in a postal vote scam aimed at getting a Tory candidate elected. Former Bradford city councillors Jamshed Khan and Reis Khan were jailed along with Mohammed Sultan, Mohammed Rafiq and Alyas Khan were all jailed for attempting to pull off a vote fraud which literally involved making up over 3,000 fraudulent votes.

Personally, there is something about this women I find hugely dislikeable - she is certainly no friend of mine.
Chris Whiteside said…
Electoral fraud is unacceptable whoever does it and Baroness Warsi certainly did not suggest it is only a Labour problem. We need to tighten up the system to ensure that nobody can do it.
Unknown said…
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Tim said…
I've checked her remarks and she only talks about voter fraud in 3 Labour seats. An interesting fact -Baroness Warsi is unelected, so talking about alleged Labour election fraud is a bit rich. I've also checked up on some of the 'Asian' politicians who have ended up in jail because of electoral fraud convictions and they do have something in common, and no it's not their party affiliation. I'm afraid they are connected by a rather large elephant in the room that lies uncomfortably close to home for Baroness Warsi to mention.
Chris Whiteside said…
On this particular occasion she was talking about three Labour seats. She has never said that any one party has a monopoly of vice or virtue.

In fact on other issues I have found that one of Sayeeda's strengths is a willingness to say things which many other politicians would not dare say (possibly for fear of being called racist).

I realise you are unlikely to have a chance to put what I am about to say to the test, but if you were ever to meet Baroness Warsi and put the point you are hinting at directly to her, I bet she would be the first to agree that you have a point and that it has to stop.
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