Sense of humour failure at 52 ?

A survey carried out by the University of Glamorgan and reported on the TV channel Dave alleges that Brits start to lose our sense of humour at the age of 52.

Supposedly a poll of 2000 people found that adults have less to laugh about as they age: on average adults laugh out loud around four times a day, according to the findings, but by the time we reach 50 this falls to just three times a day and to 2.5times a day at the age of 60.

Dr Lesley Harbridge from the University of Glamorgan said: "The Lifetime of Laughter Scale shows that there really is a law of diminishing returns when it comes to laughter.

"We laugh twice as much in our teens as we do in our fifties. And our findings suggest that it's all downhill from 52."

Well, this is obviously no laughing matter, and the other Dave MUST pass a law AT ONCE to tackle the national laughter deficit by requiring Dr Harbridge and all other academics from the University of Glamorgan to spend at least two days a week from now on travelling round the country wearing a clown outfit, visiting people aged 53 or over and hitting themselves in the face with a custard pie ...


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