List of axed quangos

The decision to axe nearly 200 quangos was referred to today as a "Bonfire of the Quangos" which is ironic as this was a term coined when they were in opposition by New Labour back in the 90's. One of many things they promised but didn't do.

By no means all quangos are unnecessary: some do good work, some of the things which used to be done by quangos will now have to be done elsewhere.

But pruning them back is necessary to maintain accountability and check waste - unless this is done every so often there is a marked tendancy for the number of quangos to grow like topsy.

Some of the bodies whose demise was formally announced today are more significant than others - some had already been virtually eliminated. For example, the once-mighty British Nuclear Fuels had already had its functions transferred to other bodies. At a Copeland Council briefing a year or so ago one of the outgoing managers at Sellafield described what was left of BNFL as being a secretary and a filing cabinet.

Many quangos such as the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority which are carrying out technical functions or those which require impartiality re being retained.

A list of the quasi-autonomous national government organisations (quangos) being abolished or merged, and what is happening to them, can be found here.


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