£100 million for a new nuclear plant

The government has today announced £100 million in funding to back plans to build a new nuclear power plant in the UK, strengthening our energy independence and creating high-quality jobs.

  • In light of high global gas prices, we need to ensure Britain’s future energy supply is bolstered by reliable, affordable, low carbon power that is generated in this country.
  • So I am very pleased to see that the government has announced £100 million in funding to back the development of the Sizewell C nuclear power plant and strengthen investor confidence in the project, which will produce enough energy to power 6 million homes and support up to 10,000 jobs across the UK.
  • New nuclear, including innovative SMRs, is not only an important part of our plans to lower energy prices, and strengthen our energy independence, but will also create high-quality jobs and drive economic growth.
  • Britain needs a balanced energy policy in which new nuclear is part of the mix.


Jim said…
Lets hope it does not go the way of the Marchon site coal mine, Been approved over and over again, yet still they drag it on for another approval. We really cant be doing this over a solution to the ineitable power crisis, even its already too late to prevent it, we must get on with buiding a way out.
Chris Whiteside said…
Entirely agree.

There has been repeated sabotage by a very outspoken minority from the other side of the county of every attempt to get a better long-term solution to the problems of nuclear waste, repeated attempts to kneecap the industry which employs a quarter of the working population of Copeland, and repeated attempts to block every significant proposal for new jobs on the West Coast.

We need to stand up to those people.

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