Extending pardons for unjust historic convictions

Most people in Britain today think that what freely consenting adults do in their own bedrooms is not a matter for the criminal law and UK laws have almost entirely been updated to reflect that view. But within living memory that was not the case and since 2012, people have been able to apply to have historical same-sex sexual cautions and convictions disregarded.

However, the current list of former offences involved is too narrow and some convictions for consenting acts which are not illegal now and many people think should never have been illegal are not included.

So legislation will now be brought forward to extending pardons to all those who were historically convicted or cautioned for consensual same-sex sexual activity and right more of the remaining historic wrongs.

The government has announced this week that it will be expanding the pardons and disregards scheme to cover all convictions and cautions imposed on people purely for, or due to, consensual same-sex sexual activity between adults – wiping these offences from criminal records.

These changes will help to right the wrongs of the past and reassure members of the LGBT community that Britain is one of the safest places in the world to call home.


Jim said…
Talking about unjust convictions and things, I think I need to apologise and set the record straight. I got it wrong about the current government, it seems they are very capable of organising a p*ss up after all, and does not even need to be in a brewery.

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