No more new "Smart" motorways pending more safety data

I am pleased to see that the government has announced today a pause in the rollout of new so-called "smart" motorways, alongside a £900 million investment to upgrade existing schemes – protecting drivers’ safety and increasing their confidence on our roads 

  • It is crucial to go further to ensure that all users of Britain's motorways, including the so-called "smart" ones without a permanent hard shoulder, feel safer using them.
  • The government has decided to pause the rollout of new smart motorways until a full five years’ worth of safety data is available. At the same time the department of transport is investing £900 million of taxpayers' money to improve safety on existing all lane running smart motorways, including £390 million to install over 150 extra emergency areas – a 50 per cent increase in places to stop by 2025.
  • This will help to give drivers greater confidence on our roads, whilst providing the data we need to uphold the highest road safety standards.


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