Hundreds of former teachers return

It has been announced that hundreds of former teachers have responded to calla for them to return to the profession, helping to keep children in the classroom and keeping education ging through the pandemic.

  • Whilst teacher absences are currently relatively stable, the proportion absent due to Covid is higher as a result of the Omicron variant, and is expected to remain a challenge throughout the first weeks of term.
  • That is the government invited back hundreds of former teachers to temporarily return to the profession, and early data shows that at least 585 former teachers have already responded to the call to support the teaching workforce – with the total likely to be much higher given the sample size.
  • This is helping to make sure all children and young people can remain in the classroom – and we continue to urge everyone, including eligible young people, to get their jabs as the vaccine continues to pave the way out of this pandemic. 


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