Music spot for Candlemass Sunday: "When to the temple Mary went" (Johannes Eccard)

An anthem for the feast of the presentation of Christ in the Temple, which falls today (also known as Candlemass.)

This is one of my favourite anthems, but today was the first time I discovered this COVID-19 era online performance by the Gesualdo Six. It is exquisite. 

If you have any interest at all in choral music, and if you only click on one of my music spots this year, make it this one.

The lyrics are:

"1. When to the temple Mary went, and brought the Holy Child, Him did the aged Simeon see, as it had been revealed. He took up Jesus in his arms and blessing God he said: In peace I now depart, my Saviour having seen, The Hope of Israel, the Light of men. 2. Help now thy servants, gracious Lord, that we may ever be as once the faithful Simeon was, rejoicing but in Thee; and when we must from earth departure take, departure take, may gently fall asleep, may gently fall asleep, may gently fall asleep and with Thee wake."


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