MoD Defence intelligence update summary on the situation in Ukraine 2nd March 2023

To put today's update in perspective: what this means is that there are certain times of the year in large parts of Russia and Ukraine when many roads and paths become like rivers and fields turn into quagmires. The Ukrainian name for this is 'bezdorizhzhia.' And we are going into that time of the year.

This badly hampered whichever side was trying to attack in the battles between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia in World War II, and it is having a similar impact on the Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine now.

Hence the fact that Russia is trying to capture objectives in Ukraine like Bakhmut in these conditions, throwing human lives on both sides away for minimal gains on the ground, could have two explanations: either their generals are incompetent or they are under political pressure from the Putin regime in which the political need to claim a victory is taking priority over either lives or military good sense.


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