Visits from the leaders of, 1) Albania

This week the Prime Minister hosted Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama at Downing Street, discussing our shared ambition to deepen the UK-Albania relationship and tackle issues such as illegal migration and our plan to stop the boats. 

  • As NATO allies the UK and Albania have a shared interest in addressing global and regional threats and strengthening our bilateral relationship.
  • The Prime Minister hosted Edi Rama at Downing Street and again welcomed the significant contribution of the long-standing Albanian community in the UK. The leaders discussed increased operational cooperation, including joint upstream communications to deter illegal people smuggling gangs from travelling in boats and welcomed progress to date, with around 800 illegal migrants returning to Albania since December.
  • By tackling our shared issues, such as illegal migration, together we have a better chance of dismantling the criminal gangs that threaten human life in the Channel.


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