Powering Up Britain


Today the government announced our multi billion pound plan, Powering Up Britain, strengthening our energy security by delivering cheap, clean, British energy and creating new jobs as we grow the economy.

  • Putin’s weaponisation of energy has led to household bills soaring and economic growth slowing around the world. We stepped in to shield people by paying around half the typical energy bill, but we must go further to secure our long-term energy security and prosperity.
  • So the government has announced a multi billion pound plan, "Powering Up Britain," to boost renewables, deliver the next generation of nuclear, make a world-leading commitment to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage and reduce household bills by increasing energy efficiency. 
  • Today’s plan secures the future of our energy system, increases our energy efficiency, bring bills down and harnesses the new jobs created on our path to net zero as we grow the economy. 


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